About Red Grasshopper

Phone: 1300 RED HOP
Phone: (03) 6425 3353


RED GRASSHOPPER has been serving amazing takeaway pizza to the Northwest Coast for four decades! That’s forty years we’ve been supplying Ulverstone, Penguin and their surrounds with what we proudly believe are the tastiest, most delicious pizzas around.

But contrary to the urban myth, we don’t actually use red grasshoppers or actually, any insects in our pizzas. As the prominent but fictious Bavarian entomologist Herman Spazdankle stated, “Ya, dat is the trut! Day don’t use any insectoidle entities in der pizzas! But, der Red Grasshopper Pizza is so goot!”

Our traditional takeaway pizzas are made how we believe pizzas should be made. They’re cracker-jack-packed with more flavour than a world food expo at a world food expo! We use only the best ingredients which we can source! And we deliver! Yep, straight to your door! Our car even has a giant red grasshopper attached to its roof, so there’s no mistaking it when you see it doing its rounds. Just phone 1300 RED HOP.

But, we decided, “Why stop there, we can offer you more than just the best pizza and with prompt delivery?” So now at Red Grasshopper, we also provide our fans with extra sides, icluding chicken! Tasty, succulent, mouth-watering, home-style Country Fried Chicken. Oh yeah! That’s what we’re talking about! Chicken and pizza, with delivery to your door, and with the Red Grasshopper experience! Seriously, what more could you want, besides a detailed list of all the pizzas and chicken dishes that we can offer.

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Opening Hours

Monday & Tuesday: 4pm - 10pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 11pm

Thursday: 4pm - 11.30pm

Friday & Saturday: 4pm - 1am

Sunday: 4pm - 10pm

We demand the best ingredients so that we can make YOU the Best Pizza

Red Grasshopper's famous Hawaiian Pizza - Phone to order or order online

Hawaiian Pizza

Ham, Pineapple, Cheese, & Tomato Base


Red Grasshopper's famous Vegetarian Pizza - Phone to order or order online

Vegetarian Pizza

Sun Dried Tomatoes, Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom, Pineapple, Garlic, Olives. Cheese, & Tomato Base.


Red Grasshopper's famous Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza - Phone to order or order online

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza

Chicken, Cheese & Sweet Chilli Sauce


Red Grasshopper's famous Aussie Pizza - Phone to order or order online

Aussie Pizza

Bacon, Egg, Onion, Cheese & Tomato Base


Red Grasshopper's famous Shawntes Special Pizza - Phone to order or order online

Shawntes Special Pizza

Ham, Capsicum, Chicken, Egg, Cheese, & Tomato Base


Believe me, Red Grasshopper Pizzas are unique!

We don't need a thousand fancy words to try and convince you that our pizzas are the best. With their wonderful, unique flavours that have remained the same for four decades, our unrivalled takeaway pizzas do all the speaking for themselves. It's easy for you to experience the taste that everyone is talking about. Whether you're in Ulverstone, Penguin, Turners Beach, or anywhere else on the Northwest Coast, we will bring your order right to your door.

Here's what just a couple of our patrons have had to say:

"Best pizza in Tassie. I have driven the hour and ten minutes to Ulverstone just for one" - Gavin

"Greatest pizza I've had. Don't try the rest, Red Grasshopper is best" - Justin